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5 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Married In Hungary

With the traditional Hungarian cuisines served, a tasteful wine, and flowing pálinka adding huge zest to the celebration, Hungarian weddings are indeed matchless!

And, if you are going to be a Hungarian’s bride, be mindful of their countless wedding traditions like candlelight waltz, bride kidnapping, midnight dress changing, coin dance, and bridal dance and even more.

In fact, having the historic settings, majestic ballrooms, and panoramic venues, Budapest has transformed into a dream destination to exchange wedding vows. If you are new to Hungary and planning on a wedding, here’s what you must know before proceeding

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1. Documentation

Getting married in Hungary can become complicated, especially if you are a foreigner. Many couples choose to have a symbolic ceremony in the capital and have an official event in their home country. But, for those who wish to make it legit then and there in Hungary—prepare yourself for the legal procedures.

Before you plan to travel to Hungary to tie the knot, get a few documents not older than 6 months from the wedding month to squeeze past the legal procedures.

  • A Certificate of No Impediment to Marry (if you are a third-country national that you can obtain from your country’s embassy or consulate) or a Certificate of Marital Status (applies to Hungarian citizens).
  • Birth certificates of you and your spouse with your parent’s names mentioned on them.
  • A copy of decree absolute (or decree of divorce) if you have been divorced.

No matter how lengthy the process maybe, but it’s worth it!

2. Venue

Renowned for its Baroque style palaces, grandiloquent villas with an abundance of nature surrounding it, and eclectic capital of Budapest, Hungary makes the perfect wedding destination that you’ve always dreamt of! And, not to forget, the fairy-tale wedding venues are a lot cheaper than many of those Western European locations.

With uncountable numbers of perfect Wedding venues, you need to listen to your heart about what clicks the most with your wedding theme and dream. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Budapest Four-Season Hotel Gresham Palace—set across Buda Castle and Szechényi Bridge panoramic view, its among the fanciest wedding venue you’d ever choose.
  • Silvanus Hotel Visegrád—add a spiritual beginning to your wedding because Visegrád Hills are believed to be home to the ‘heart chakra of the world’.
  • Podmaniczky-Vigyázó Castle—the Baroque style yellow building is magnificent gardens can make your kastély wedding even more spectacular.
  • Brody Villa—the subtle special yet ornate wedding venue is ideal for a modern day wedding.
  • Sacelláry Palace—for the love of vintage, it’s a perfect venue to match your sepia-tone wedding theme among the completely wooden ambiance.

This is not the end of the list, but a beginning; explore the beauteous wedding venues like manor houses, castles, Balatons that match your taste!

3. Hungarian Wedding Dress Designers

Finding that head-turner wedding gown that could leave the guests in tears at first sight is challenging. To lessen your hassle to hunt for that perfect dress designer who can fulfil your special tailoring needs, we recommend:

  • Sára Bálint—for vintage bridal pieces
  • Gabo Szerencses—for graceful  silhouettes
  • Nora Sarman—for princess designer dresses
  • Daalarna—for contemporary touch

Budapest designers are masters of fashioning exquisite and unrivaled wedding dresses that can attract all the limelight you wish to have on your Big Day!

4. Liquor stores

Hungarian wine yards are quite popular for bringing in exclusive tastes to your favorite wine.

Be it dessert wine, red wine, black wine, wermuth, or one of the Hungarian national drinks such as Törley, Unicum, or palinka; or be it imported alcohols such as Scottish whiskeys, Russian vodkas, Japanese sakes, etc., you can find any of your desired wines from the local wineries for your Wedding Day.

5. Decoration

Whether you want the decorations traditional or contemporary, flowers are always in the spotlight.

Not to worry, Budapest has plenty of sweet floral solutions to get your bridal bouquets or breathtaking flowers for spectacular wedding hall decorations. To suggest a few, you can find the perfect wedding flowers from Wild Flower Bar or Plantomime Flower Couture. And, to seek professional help from wedding decorators, none could be better than Viola Violetta. These are not the only decorators or flower providers, but you can find many local vendors that can change the entire aura of your wedding—be it a Romantic, Royal, or Vintage one.

For the ease of choosing your Wedding flowers, here’s a list of seasonal wedding flowers to look out for:
Spring season – daffodil, hyacinth, lilly of the valley, freesia, lily, gerbera daisy, lilac
Summer season – alstromeria, chrysanthemum, peony , gerbera daisy, sunflower, poppy, hibiscus, orchid, calla
Autumn season – leaves, pumpkin, sunflower, dahlia, freesia, calla lily , carnation, aster, cockscomb, gerbera daisy, amaranthus
Winter season – lily, tulip, chrysanthemum, hyacinth , calla lily, freesia,  ranunculus, amaryllis

 We hope this would have eased your wedding hassle and hunt; May you have the best dream wedding in Hungary!

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